Girl in Fur Coat - Fur Coat in Staten Island, NY
The Staten Island Furrier is a full service manufacturing furrier. Whether it be custom making your dream coat or remodeling your old coat into something new and modern, we do it all. We also offer on-site storage, cleaning and glazing. We can also monogram, repair or alter your fur on-site.

“Remolding and Repairs”

Update the style and fit of your coat with the help of our professional furrier. Make your old coat into a new jacket or vest! Add a hood! You will be amazed by the possibilities.

“Storage and Cleaning”

Our on-site, vaulted, alarmed, and state of the art facility will keep your fur protected and out of the heat all summer long. We also clean and glaze all fur garments on-site to keep them fresh and looking brand new. Cleaning and glazing your fur is essential to prolong the life and condition of the garment. We highly advise you to take advantage of these services on a yearly basis.

Recommended storage season: April to October